"They call us the “Me” generation
(like we invented narcissism).
Critics inform me that I am
self obsessed, passive, and impatient—
eaten up by consumerism
as much as I am defined by it.
They call me dead from the neck up,
disillusioned of the beauties I now take for granted.
But I have never felt so much alive,
and the world could not look more beautiful
than I am striving to make it.
So if it’s selfish for me to want more for myself
than the legacy of poverty and depression—
of social unrest—
my parents left for me,
then give me my tar and my feathers.
Give me my crown,
and call me Greed."

Thoughts On Millennials, by Ashe Vernon  (via childoflust)

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The ocean at different places at the same beach on the same day.  It’s crazy how different it looks!

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“If you die you’re completely happy and your soul somewhere lives on. I’m not afraid of dying. Total peace after death, becoming someone else is the best hope I’ve got.”

- Kurt Cobain

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"There were things I wanted to tell him. But I knew they would hurt him. So I buried them, and let them hurt me."

Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close  (via faithlefou)

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"Since her death in 1979, the woman who discovered what the universe is made of has not so much as received a memorial plaque. Her newspaper obituaries do not mention her greatest discovery. […] Every high school student knows that Isaac Newton discovered gravity, that Charles Darwin discovered evolution, and that Albert Einstein discovered the relativity of time. But when it comes to the composition of our universe, the textbooks simply say that the most abundant atom in the universe is hydrogen. And no one ever wonders how we know."

Jeremy Knowles, discussing the complete lack of recognition Cecilia Payne gets, even today, for her revolutionary discovery. (via childoflust)

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"How to kill someone;
Hold their hand and then never touch their skin again,
See them nearly everyday and pretend they don’t exist,
Act like everything you ever said to them was a lie."


Sept. 12, 1960: Flooding on West and Cortlandt Streets, brought by Hurricane Donna, which laid waste to Florida and on up the East Coast. The storm killed dozens in Florida and Puerto Rico and elsewhere. Indeed, according to the National Hurricane Center, it was the United States’ 10th costliest hurricane — adjusted for inflation, population and wealth normalization. The intersection at West and Cortlandt Streets was razed a few years later to make way for the World Trade Center. Photo: Allyn Baum/The New York Times

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Men had no problem violating women’s bodies while they had on corsets, petticoats and farthingales, so what the fuck makes you think a short skirt has anything to do with it? 

Men also have no problem violating women’s bodies while they wear a niqab, hijab and burqa, some of the most covered form of clothing. So basically, what the fuck makes you think clothes have anything to do with it?

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when you were young // the killers

he doesn’t look a thing like jesus
but he talks like a gentleman
like you imagined when you were young

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